Waldaschaff Automotive

The experts for lightweight automotive construction of steel and aluminium

A technology leader

In their field, Waldaschaff Automotive are a leading company in the German and European automotive supply industry with a growing focus on the world market. The Company’s customers include major German, European and international passenger car and utility vehicle manufacturers. Key customers are Audi, BMW, Porsche, Scania and Ford.

Major products include, but are not limited to crash management systems, structural parts, door components and hatchback structures.

The Company uses forming, cutting and joining processes, as well as washing, pickling, passivation and powder painting procedures. Waldaschaff Automotive has developed and manufactured their own machines for various bending and roll-forming processes to supply customers with unique manufacturing solutions.

Waldaschaff Automotive offer their employees challenging jobs at the leading edge of technological development in automotive construction.

Chinese shareholder - global focus

Since 2015, the Company has been a member of the Chinese Lingyun Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Zhuozhou, one of the leading suppliers in the Chinese automotive industry. Lingyun develop and produce components of metal and plastic. Their core products are structural parts of steel and aluminium, crash management systems, plastic pipes and rubber hoses for all automotive applications.

The Chinese shareholder ensures a good future position for Waldaschaff Automotive and a sound basis for global representation.

Waldaschaff Automotive is going to relocate from Waldaschaff in the district of Aschaffenburg to Esselbach near Marktheidenfeld in the Main-Spessart district, about 30 kilometres from the previous location, between 2017 and 2021. All new projects will successively be developed there; existing projects will continuously be managed to completion from Waldaschaff.