Vision and Mission


We are accepted and renowned as a full-service supplier in the German and international automotive industry.

In the future, at least on component meeting the current market requirements will be included in each vehicle in all segments serviced by us.

To achieve our ambitious goals, we develop, produce and market lightweight components of aluminium, steel and multi-material constructions.

In this respect, we focus on the motivation and conviction of our internal (employees) and external customers (OEM).


Our employees are equipped with all tools required and actively participate in the continuous development of the company and hence its success.

We offer our customers pioneering and comprehensive solutions for our strategic product categories (CMS, battery cases and module cross-members) as soon as in the predevelopment stage. In this respect, our priority is on feasibility, worldwide availability and value for money.

For all non-strategic product categories, we identify adequate solutions from case to case, always taking account of internal capacities and profitability when making decisions.

Our Company structure ensures that we are able to finance ourselves internally and remain competitive on the long term.